The Agromech Development Initiatives (ADI) Foundation was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing research, training, and consulting services in Bangladesh and elsewhere. It is an independent private sector organization comprised of analysts, professionals, researchers, and scholars from various institutions with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. One of the major dimensions of ADI’s work and assignments is the socioeconomic, sub-sector service approach, and value chain approach to program design, legal, and administrative studies for government, corporate organizations, and international bodies. ADI has earned the trust of clients such as ADB, PKSF, Save the Children-USA, IDE, DANIDA, IFC-SEDF, World Vision, Rural Development Academy, and others. Its multidisciplinary expert pool has extensive and diverse experience in research and consultancy services.

The organization was founded by a group of development practitioners with extensive experience working with governments, donor agencies, and non-governmental organizations, including civil society. Its primary purpose is to conduct independent research and consultancy studies on various development issues, with a focus on third-world countries and Bangladesh. Within a short period of time after its establishment, ADI was able to establish a partnership approach in research and consultancy services with some of the major research organizations such as Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Rural Development Academy (RDA), PKSF, DAE, DLS, DoF, BADC, and Global humanitarian organization such as World Vision, private sector SME such as Upakul Hatcheries Ltd., facilitation project such as South Asia Enterprise Development Negotiations are underway to form a similar partnership with some of the major research NGOs.