Mission and vision

  •  Provide technical inputs and practical skill development training to participants, who, on return to their field of operation shall contribute in achieving the developmental objectives and goal.
  • Develop farm & non-farm markets through value chain that better work for poor.
  • Organize, sponsor and promote research in the field of development by constellating multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise.
  • Function as a seedbed of knowledge and information through building up a rich library containing useful books, journals, monographs and important documents.
  • Establish and promote close institutional linkages with similar organizations throughout the world for mutual sharing of the benefits of research in the form of exchange of publications, reciprocal grant of research facilities, cooperation in and co-sponsorship of joint research projects, seminars, exchange of scholars, short-term mutual visits etc.
  • Research and development of Agricultural machinery.
  • Research on IoT and Micro processor based product.