AgroMech’s professional pool is being developed side by side in terms of thinking ‘outside the box.’ The following are the major sub-sectors in which AgroMech has a sincere devotion to its valued clients:

Climate Change
  • Promotion of climate resilient technologies among smallholder farmers
  • Process followed in determining Adaptation options towards climate change
  • Potable water management
  • Reducing dependency of local inhabitant on forest, wetland and marine flora and fauna in coastal zone and tropical forest areas


Conservation Agriculture

  • Zero/Minimum Tillage
  • Organic farming
  • Soil and water conservation engineering
Water Entrepreneurship
  • Low cost multipurpose DTW technology
  • Rural Piped Water Supply/solar irrigation 
  • Buried Pipe Technology for Irrigation
  • Simple Accounting
  • Billing S/W
  • Water Treatment
  • Ensure Access to Safe Water through livelihood development

Project Design



  • Responsible investment in agriculture and food system
  • Decision Support System for Rural Infrastructure Development
  • Industrial Investment Support


Market Development
  • Community Based Business Organization (CBO)
  • Bulk Buying Group
  • Bulk Selling Group
  • Negotiation Skill Development
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Marketing Skill Development
  • Market led livelihood program development


Custom Hiring Services of Agricultural Machineries
  • Agril. Machinery O&M Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business literacy using RuralInvest toolkit
  • Scheduling
  • Agril. Machinery Overhauling
  • Safer disposal of wastage of engine oil, fuel
  • Create Local Skill Mechanics
  • Rural Youth Development


GIS and IoT based Solutions


  • GIS for Development and Agriculture
  • IoT based solutions for producer organizations
  • Digital literacy
  • Digital management system
  • Embeded system development

Manufacturing and Design of Agricultural Machinery


  • Agricultural product Dryers
  • Smart Airator for fish farming
  • Compact feed mill for poultry and Fish
  • Smart Incubator
  • Smart irrigation system
  • Smart Cold storage controller

Education (Formal and Non-Formal)


  • Multi mode and multi grade education system for drop out school children
  • Formal and Non-formal Education
  • Digital literacy
  • Vocational Skill Development and Job Market Linkage
  • Rural Youth Development

Economic Program Design for Social Enterprises


  • Sub-sector Business Service approach
  • (Narrow down IGA using attractiveness matrix, weightage, scoring, constraint analysis, supply and value chain analysis, service assessment, deigning interventions for appropriate IGAs/MEs which has high potential to income and rural employment generation


Vegetable Production: Value Chain Approach
  • Kitchen Organic Garden
  • All the year round Vegetable production
  • NGO gardening and household nutrition
  • Vegetable seed production
  • High value vegetables/early variety extension
  • Supply and Value chain of Potato sub-sector
  • Supply and value chain of export potential Vegetables


Poultry Rearing: Pro-poor Approach
  • Hatching unit of Local Chicken
  • Semi-scavenging rearing technology
  • Vaccination, Medication and Paravet Training
  • Day old Duckling to growing duckling rearing
  • Day old Duckling Farm Establishment
  • Day old Chick Hatchery Establishment
  • Feed, vaccination, medication counseling
  • Farm budgeting
Livestock: Pro-poor Approach
  • Goat Bank through introducing Stall Feeding
  • Low cost Livestock Feed Preparation
  • Grass Production Technology (napier, alfa-alfa, para etc.)
  • Beef fattening
  • Simple Accounting
  • Farm budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Card, cheese processing
Galda (sweet water prawn) Production: Pro-poor Approach

Hatchery level:

  • How to produce Post Larvae (PL)
  • Hatchery design & operation
  • Galda hatchery operation
  • Hatchery Operation Manual
  • Hatchery Management Guideline
  • Create Hatchery Technician
  • Technician support
  • Traceable Production System

Farm Level:

  • Pond design
  • Excavation and construction in local context
  • Organic farming
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
Ethnic (Adibashi) community Development
  • Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT)
  • Mini Orchard Development (Baby Pineapple, Coffee tree, banana, orange, mango, olive, Jujube (Thai, Apple, BAU etc.)
  • Spices (Zinger, turmeric, coriander) Prodn.
  • Food Processing
  • Rabbit Rearing
  • Promotion of Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP)
  • Leadership Development
  • Negotiation Skill development
  • Nursery Development (sapling, seed production, plantation)
  • Strip Forest Development
  • Homestead forestry
  • Handicrafts (design, drawing, inputs, marketing)