Baseline socio-economic survey under RDA developed low cost technologies in southern and hill districts of Bangladesh

(Sep 2011-Nov 2012)
Project Location: Southern and hill districts of Bangladesh

Action Research Project on Increasing Irrigated Area through Transferring RDA-model of Irrigation and Water Management Technology in Southern and Hill Districts of Bangladesh: The global objectives of the project is to meet up increasing demand of food and provide food security for uplifting the socio-economic condition of the rural household by transferring RDA-model of irrigation and water management technology in the non irrigated areas of southern and hill district areas.

Services under Baseline Survey :

Specific objectives of the baseline survey are as follows:

  • to select potential site for intervention and assess present irrigation status and water resources
  • to diagnosis of local NGOs capacity and assess their skill to handle large project among their beneficiaries
  • to assess willingness and interest of the selected NGOs to pay initial deposit to the project for having ownership of RDA-model of irrigation and water management technology
  • to assess farm category wise socio-economic condition of the beneficiaries of different groups under the selected NGOs
  • to assess present status of water management practices among the beneficiaries of selected NGOs;
  • to assess present demand for irrigation and mode of payment for irrigation, drinking water, sanitation and other crop management practices;
  • to find out the scope of introducing improved water management practices;
  • to find out probable impact of using water management practices on socio-economic condition of the farmers;
  • to assess training need of the local farmers on irrigation and water management practices and other IGAs.