Baseline Survey in Assasuni ADP

(Aug 2011 – September 2011)
Project Location: Assasuni, Satkhira

Assasuni ADP’s design draft document accumulated with four projects like: Health, Education, Livelihood security and Sponsorship Management. Each project draft design document is accompanied with project log frames; detailed implementation plans (DIP) by phase & annual, M&E plans and program and project performance indicator tracking tables.

As a baseline survey provides a current actual data from which a comparison can be made; and ideally, a baseline is conducted prior to the beginning of the project interventions and becomes the point of comparison for monitoring and evaluation data; and the bulk of baseline survey focuses on the intended outcomes of projects; and LEAP specifically emphasizes to conduct a baseline within first year of implementation phase, Assasuni ADP authority has decided to conduct baseline survey for their projects. It would be helpful for targeting for next phase.

Services under Baseline Survey :

  • To assess existing social, economic, demographic, health, environmental and conditions of the community people, especially the women and children for assisting planning, implementing and monitoring & evaluation of the ADP projects and program.
  • To establish a sound, quantitative and qualitative baseline by assessing the levels of awareness, knowledge, attitude and practices of given population on selected topics in Assasuni ADP.
  • To develop a limited number of core quantitative and qualitative indicators (from the set of defined outcome and goal in ADP’s log frame) to be used for accurately measuring the changes over time and enabling comparison both at national and ADP levels. The mid-cycle reviews (MCR) and impact of phase evaluation report will compared to see the progress largely by using these baseline indicators information.

To set achievable and realistic program & project targets of planned goal outcome and outputs registered in the drafts ADP designed documents and log frames; and to provide opportunity of updating and adjusting accordingly if necessary