Commission Study/Research on Climate Change Adaptation

Assignment 2: Action Research on the Adaptation Test of Improved Fodder Varieties in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh

(February 2014- June 2015)
Project Location: Southwestern coast of Bangladesh

Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP) is a project of Government of Bangladesh with support from UNDP and the host of development partners. The overall goal of CDMP II is to reduce the country’s vulnerability to adverse natural and anthropogenic events – including cyclones, hurricanes, floods, tidal surges, earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change and variability, avian flu, fire, toxic chemical/gas/pollutant leaks – through technical assistance in risk reduction and adaptation activities.

Services  : The study includes the secondary investigation/survey, setting-up of physical research plots of adaptation test of improved fodder and potential local varieties in the south-west coastal areas, collection and analysis of regular data/results. The sample areas include CDMP II districts in three (3) south-west coastal districts viz Satkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat. The action research takes place within a considerable period of 8 months (1-2 crop seasons) within the following scopes:

  • Collection and review of technical papers, reports and publications that describe various improved fodder varieties from research institutes, extension agencies, academic institutions, NGOs and private sectors;
  • Choose potential and improved fodder varieties from the (above) review and design action research programme and establish research plot/activities with statistically acceptable number of replications;
  • Design appropriate monitoring and data/information collection, entry, preservation and analysis protocol, procedures and instruments and carry out regular monitoring and data collection activities, preserve data and information;
  • Collect the seasonal historical data and information on the salinity intrusion and increase from secondary sources (generated by CDMPII/IWFM & IWM) and use appropriate statistical methods to make correlation with the fodder production;
  • Devise appropriate method, process and indicators for physical adaptation (in the increased salinity condition) of the fodder production and measure/monitor and analyse the same in relation to the soil, water and other elements of the grass lands;
  • Arrange interview and focus group discussion with the farmers, community people, extension professionals, research scientists, academicians to learn about their reaction on the acceptance of the result/outcomes of the action research (and to appreciate the social adaptation);
  • Organize workshop for validation of research results with the executives of CDMP II stakeholders and policy makers;

Prepare reports that include inception report, progress reports, draft final, final reports and policy brief.