Design and Develop Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for POs

(January 2012-July 2012)
Project Location: Dhaka, Training Needs Assessment and Trial run in Jessore, Rangpur and Gazipur

The main objectives of PKSF’s training program is to augment the skills and capabilities of the officials of PKSF as well as its Partner Organizations (POs) in different areas, which are necessary for performing the operational activities with a view to long run sustainability of PKSF financed programs.

In recent times, PKSF has widely diversified its programs in response to the demand of the fields. Due to these diversified operational needs, the range and intensity of PKSF’s activities have been excessively expanded. The officials of PKSF and its POs are now facing new challenges to implement these diversified and intensified programs. In order to run and implement the diversified program of PKSF and its POs should be enhanced. So, PKSF wants to develop some new training modules in relation with the changed demand of the fields.

Services under Baseline Survey :

  • The firm will provide PKSF the detailed course outline to achieve the desired goal of the course
  • The firm will finalize and take approval of the course through frequent discussions with PKSF
  • Following the approved course outline, the firm will prepare training module
  • The training module should include the following segments:
    • Detail contents
    • Objectives of the course
    • Principal focus of each session
    • Lesson plan (session name, objectives of particular session, time, materials, session conduct method, and process)
    • Detailed handout for each session incorporating case studies, practical exercises and course specific learning
  • The consulting firm will closely work with the “Training Department” of PKSF
  • The expert shall held discussion with training department of PKSF to become clear about course outline, if needed
  • The firm shall discuss with the POs and PKSF staff, if necessary in sample basis
  • The consulting firm will submit the draft training modules to PKSF
  • The firm will make short presentation on the proposed draft modules at a workshop to be organized by PKSF
  • The firm will submit revised draft training module to PKSF after incorporating the feedback from the Workshop
  • The firm will field test the draft training module on a training batch to be organized by PKSF in order to get the input from the end users of the modules
  • The firm in consultation with PKSF will provide resource person to conduct the trial training programs
  • The firm will finalize the training module in consultation with PKSF after incorporating the feedbacks from the trial training courses
  • The firm will submit the final training module to PKSF