AgroMech Development Initiatives (ADI) Foundation

The Agromech Development Initiatives (ADI) Foundation was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing research, training, and consulting services in Bangladesh and elsewhere. It is an independent private sector organization comprised of analysts, professionals, researchers, and scholars from various institutions with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. One of the major dimensions of ADI’s work and assignments is the socioeconomic, sub-sector service approach, and value chain approach to program design, legal, and administrative studies for government, corporate organizations, and international bodies. ADI has earned the trust of clients such as ADB, PKSF, Save the Children-USA, IDE, DANIDA, IFC-SEDF, World Vision, Rural Development Academy, and others. Its multidisciplinary expert pool has extensive and diverse experience in research and consultancy services.

Our Products


Introducing the revolutionary “ADI-DRYER” – a multifunctional drying unit designed to preserve fish, vegetables, and fruits efficiently. With the capability to operate on LPG gas, biomass, and wood, it offers unparalleled flexibility and sustainability. The cutting-edge technology ensures precise control over temperature and humidity, optimizing the drying process for various produce. The ADI-DRYER’s sleek design combines functionality with eco-consciousness, catering to small-scale and commercial farmers alike. With its energy-efficient operations and versatile fuel options, it’s set to revolutionize the drying industry, enabling communities to preserve their harvests with ease and minimal environmental impact.


The BAU-STR dryer is a breakthrough innovation by the PHLIL-Bangladesh project, Department of Farm Power and Machinery, Bangladesh Agricultural University. Funded by Feed the Future, USAID, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chapmpaign, USA, for Bangladesh’s farmers, it exemplifies efficiency and sustainability. With its robust technology and capacity of 500 kg per batch, it ensures optimal grain drying in any weather. Utilizing rice husk briquettes, or LPG, as fuel, it can be used in any area of Bangladesh. ADI is manufacturing the dryer, and it is already enlisted in the government subsidy project. The BAU-STR dryers guarantee quality drying within 4 to 5 hours. Its temperature monitoring feature prevents seed damage, ensuring high germination rates and storing life. The recent shift to LPG-based heating substantially enhances efficiency and affordability, reducing drying losses by 2.5 to 4% compared to traditional sun drying. The BAU-STR dryer sets a global precedent for accessible and sustainable post-harvest drying solutions for paddy, maize, wheat, etc.

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