Micro-Agribusiness Development Component

(April 2014-December 2019)
Project Location: Chittagong Hill Tract Rural Development Project

MAD global objective: enhancing household income through promoting selected potential subsectors.

Identified sub-sectors: (i) pond and mini-lake fisheries, (ii) high-value crops, (iii) high- value fruits and, (iv) medicinal plants.

MAD Implementation Approach: (i) strengthening producers’ organizations & their CIGs; (ii) farmer study tour; (iii) technical assistance by training; (iv) linking with markets; and (v) linking with micro-finance.

Focused Area: Ensure access and capacity development of producers and other value chain actors in five areas: (i) product and marketing, (ii) technology in production, (iii) human resources management, (iv) finance and (v) support services.

MAD geographic coverage: 9 upazilas of 3 hill districts namely: Rangamati- (a) Sadar (b) Kaptai (c) Kawkhali; Khagrachari- (a) Sadar (b) Laxmichari (c) Panchari; Bandarban- (a) Sadar (b) Rowonchari (c) Ruma;

Services under MAD :

  • The community mobilization services under MAD will follow subsector development or value chain development approach for promoting four identified sub-sectors;
  • Proposed services would be designed in such way that grab opportunities and remove constraints addressing all five areas such as, (i) product and marketing, (ii) technology in production, (iii) human resources management, (iv) finance and (v) support services;
  • Implement the MAD component in selected 9 Upazilas;
  • Open project coordinating office in Rangamati and 9 upazila implementing offices;
  • Recruit professional staff members for implementation of MAD;
  • The implementation of activities will cover 1,620 ha of new orchard plantation, with establishment and operation of 60 interest groups comprising at least 30% women members;
  • MAD orchard development: i) Amloki orchard development in total 72 ha of land; ii) Mango orchard development in total 810 Ha; iii) Lichee orchard development in total 90 Ha; and orchards on any other fruit as decided by the project management during the implementation;
  • MAD training and crop development will be need based. Training will be conducted by the NGO-MFI and 30% advance will be provided by the PMO on the periodically submitted estimated cost of the trainings by the NGO. The remaining amount will be given to the NGO-MFI by PMO upon submission of the requisite bill & vouchers. While for exchange visit NGO-MFI role will be only as facilitator;
  • Training, demonstration, exchange visit, fair/exhibition, replication, etc. events to be conducted/facilitated by the NGO-MFI will be on following fashion:

Vegetable Producers Groups: 360

Fisheries Producers Groups: 180

Medicinal Plant Producers Groups: 180

Fruit Producers Group: 180