Outcome and impact level study of interventions in the Agribusiness sector

(Nov 2008 – Dec 2008)
Project Location: Comilla, B.baria, Noakhali, Feni Bogra, Chapai, Serajganj, Gazipur, Kishoreganj districts

IFC-SEDF has undertaken a series of activities geared towards strengthening the agri-business sector and addressing the critical constraints at all levels. The objective of this assignment is to analyze the outcome and the impact of IFC-SEDF interventions on the Seed, Agri-machinery and Organic fertilizer sub-sectors of Bangladesh.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by Staff :

  • Dialogue with key SEDF staff members to understand the business model for the interventions undertaken and the purpose of the current assignment
  • Study the data which has already been collected
  • Meet with the relevant bodies/beneficiary groups to collect up to date information where required
  • Analyze the data according to the assigned indicators and other relevant indicators
  • Develop sub-sector wise reports and case studies (where appropriate) from the data and information collected
  • Survey of 50 seed farmers in 1 geographic location to assess effectiveness of field days and demonstrations
  • Conduct 2 focus-group discussions (FGD) with staff of client companies to assess impact of interventions
  • Short survey of 50 seed dealers in 2 geographic locations (25 dealers per location) to evaluate the effectiveness of strengthening their technical capacity
  • Conduct 2 focus-group discussions in 1 geographic location with women seed growers to evaluate the impacts on the social and livelihood aspects as a result of our intervention
  • Survey of 60 farmers (specifically for rice, potato and corn) who adopted organic fertilizers in 2 geographical locations
  • Survey at least two tea companies who adopted organic fertilizers
  • Survey of 20 Rental Service Providers (RSPs) in 4 geographic locations and 2 FGDs with the end beneficiaries in any 2 of these locations

Survey and scoping of intervention in fisheries and agro-forestry subsector in Bangladesh