ADI deals with many kinds of Agricultural and processing machinery, We believe quality comes with commitment. Some of our products are listed below, You can contact us for any kind of machinery solution and model building.

1. Aerator – Both paddle and venturi with smart control

2. IoT pump controller – Single and Three phase with customizable android application

3. Smart driving guidance – for walk behind type agricultural machinery

4. Incubator – With smart control and customizable features

5. Cool chamber – Smart control unit

6. Datalogger (T and H)– Both computer-based and IoT based solutions

7. Greenhouse controller – IoT based or manual control

8. GPS data logger – Real-time data monitoring

9. Weather station – With data logger and real-time monitoring

12. BAU-STR dryer – 500 kg per batch capacity

13. Agricultural Drone – On request

14. Small power tiller cum weeder – with 4 HP Engine

15. Thresher – Paddy and wheat thresher

16. Smart light trap – With android application

17. Grass chopper – For fodder

18. LPG burner for hybrid dryer – Customizable solutions

19. Feed mill – For fish and poultry, Compact and easy in operation